Packaging Benefits for the Commodity Industry

packaging benefits for Commodity industry

Commodity packaging benefits include communication of information about the product, including its use, transport and disposal instructions. In some cases, this information is required by government bodies. It also communicates important safety and health information. In addition, packaging provides convenient packaging, including preprinted cartons and cornstarch-based packaging.

Preprinted cartons

Folding cartons have the ability to create a striking impact through their design. Folding cartons can contain intricately designed packaging, clever shapes, and decorative touches. Paperboard is the most common material for folding cartons and is available in a variety of thicknesses and grades. The material is specially manufactured to resist creasing and bend without cracking, making it perfect for printing.

Preprinted cartons are usually reserved for new products or brands being introduced to the market. They may also be beneficial for exporters. However, they can be costly and not practical for mature products in stable markets.

Cornstarch-based packaging

Cornstarch-based packaging is a great alternative to petroleum-based plastics. The biodegradable, organic substance comes from the maize plant and has the same strength and flexibility as plastic. It can be used in both molded and loose-fill packaging. This natural resource is becoming a popular alternative to conventional packaging options in the commodity industry. Its sustainable features help businesses reduce their carbon footprint and protect the food supply.

Growing environmental awareness has spurred the development of starch-based packaging materials. These products are made from corn starch and other bio-based sources. These bio-based materials reduce the negative impact of plastic on the environment and are also completely recyclable. The market for starch-based bioplastic films is expected to increase substantially in the coming years.

Digital printing

There are many advantages to digital printing for packaging in the commodity industry, but its specific applications will vary. These benefits include the ability to quickly adjust packaging and meet tight deadlines, as well as a greater level of flexibility. Another advantage is the ability to personalize products. For example, Coca-Cola has created a “share a Coke” campaign where consumers can design their own labels. Coca-Cola also makes use of the 150 most popular names from each state in the US to promote its drink.

As the industry continues to move toward a digital production environment, manufacturers are going to need to be more agile. This means shorter lead times and lower inventories. Furthermore, digital print technology can be used as a value-added connector between manufacturers and users, enabling the rapid adoption of new and advanced materials.


Creating packaging for commodity goods adds convenience to consumers’ lives by facilitating the process of opening, handling, storage, and distribution. It also helps to protect the interests of consumers by communicating information about the product. This includes identifying brand names and makers. The packaging also facilitates functions related to retailers, such as transporting and handling the product in warehouses. Moreover, it helps to control the inventory and meet legal requirements.

Packaging plays an essential role in protecting goods during the manufacturing process, transportation, and storage. Using the right material for the packaging is essential because it can prevent damage and breakage caused by environmental hazards. It is also important for convenience of handling, quick examination of contents, and easy disposal after opening.


As consumers become increasingly concerned about the environment, the demand for environmentally friendly packaging is increasing. In response to this trend, many brands are taking steps to minimize their carbon footprints. This helps them increase their sales and makes them more appealing to consumers. Eco-friendly packaging is becoming one of the most profitable marketing strategies, with more brands jumping on the bandwagon every day.

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Whether it is using recycled materials or using renewable resources, eco-friendly packaging is an excellent way to increase consumer satisfaction. Not only does it reduce the carbon footprint of the product, but it also reduces freight costs. It is also a sign of good corporate responsibility and a way to demonstrate to customers that you care about the environment.