Digital Cooler Doors in NYC Test Eye Tracking and Motion Sensors

digital cooler doors in NYC

The first digital cooler doors in New York City are testing eye tracking and motion sensors in the doors. The technology allows the doors to understand what products are being looked at and provide suggestions based on that information. The company, Cooler Screens, has raised $10 million in funding. While the door is currently only available in New York City, the technology could be used in other cities in the future. If it proves to be a successful business model, it could become the next big trend in retail.

The doors will display real-time advertisements on a screen that displays the items inside the fridge. Avakian and Wasson, a former Walgreens CEO, have started the program in select stores nationwide. They have found that the current design of coolers in most stores makes it difficult for customers to find products. They also find it difficult to display prices and promotions. With digital cooler doors, the problems can be eliminated completely.

Cooler Screens doors are equipped with cameras and sensors that analyze the proximity of consumers. The technology is never used to identify individuals and is never stored. The doors are like an in-store billboard or a digital merchandising platform for retailers. The company is already testing its technology with 15 companies, including Nestle and Walgreens. This partnership has the potential to be huge. So far, it’s the only digital cooler door in the United States that has this technology.

While the technology behind the digital cooler doors in NYC is still in its infancy, it is proving to be a highly effective advertising platform for retailers. The company is partnering with Chicago-based startup Cooler Screens to launch the technology in the city. The company plans to roll out the technology to other cities later this month. This is the first in a nationwide rollout. The digital cooler doors are a major step in transforming retail and omni-channel shopping.

The digital cooler doors in NYC are designed to attract customers by using the power of IoT. The company’s technology uses infrared and optical sensors to detect when a consumer has visited the cooler. The data collected by the cooler screens can then inform the store manager about the need to restock the coolers with more products. Further, the technology allows the retailer to track their sales and inventory levels and make better decisions regarding restocking.

The technology is proving to be an effective advertising tool for the retail industry. The new digital cooler doors in NYC can help businesses improve customer experience by offering more personalized ads. The company is also testing the technology in San Francisco. The startup has been a largely successful venture and is now aiming for expansion to other cities. It is led by former Walgreens executive Arsen Avakian. In addition to bringing in new customers, the company also provides an omnichannel advertising platform.