VideoSonic Installs a Multi Touch Wall in the NYC Visitors Center

touch wall  in NYC

VideoSonic and GestureTek installed an interactive multi-touch wall in the NYC Visitors Center using object recognition. The technology enables visitors to manipulate the wall by holding it up to an object and selecting it with their fingers. Unlike other touch walls, which can be easily removed by a trained technician, a touch wall in NYC requires no special tools or maintenance. Its three-year lease can be renewed for an additional fee.

The multi touch video wall can be arranged in portrait or landscape arrangements. Moreover, the technology allows a person to move furniture around the wall. Because of its flexibility, it is suitable for crowded spaces and can be configured in many different ways. It is incredibly versatile and is ideal for collaborative applications. Its innovative design allows it to be used in any environment, from a public space to a private residence. Lastly, it can be configured in any shape and size, including stacked and linear arrangements.

While temporary walls are great for short-term use, the permanent walls must be attached to the building. This makes it impossible to remove them. Hence, building management companies and the New York City Buildings Department have become stricter about such walls. These walls have been banned in some buildings for several years and are a common sight in many NYC skyscrapers. To prevent the problem, owners can ask for permission from the Buildings Department before erecting a touch wall.

Most of the touch walls in NYC are made of acrylic, so they can be removed easily. However, if you want custom-colored walls, you can contact the service provider and ask them to build a wall with custom paint. The price ranges from $700 to $2,500 and the duration of the contract is two years. You can also choose to have soundproofing installed as well. The installation time is anywhere from a few hours to a few days.